Thank you all.

I just wanted to drop a note here to thank all of your who sent me messages of comfort and support at this sad time.   All of your thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated and comforting, thank you so much.   We had a beautiful funeral for my Mom this past Monday: a true celebration of her life.  The support I’ve received has helped me, and continues to help me as I navigate through this time.   I’ll start posting here again next week.  Thanks again, Therese

IMG_5464 crop

The last, sadly prophetic but beautiful photo I took of my Mom, Anna, on Memorial Day, just as I was leaving her house.(several hours before the fall) She had just come out to get her daily dose of sunshine in her back yard, as she smiled, waved goodbye and said “I love you!”
I love you, Mom. Thank you for this gift. <3

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