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Star Trek Poster #61 “Spock’s Brain”

Jumping ahead 20 episodes here; I had a great idea for a Trek poster when I woke up on Sunday, didn’t write it down, but fortunately remembered it later in the day!   However, I’m afraid Spock’s Brain was such an awful episode that I couldn’t glorify it with a movie poster; but a Murdoch-style  tabloid worked just fine!  Couldn’t wait 20 posters to share it with you, enjoy! Be sure to click on it for full size so you can read all that’s fit to print! (and 2 points if you recognize the “after” in the lower right!)61- Spock's Brain



The Daily Scrapbook 6/12/13 A tabloid preview of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Here’s today’s flashback: From 1979, a full color (!) sneak peek at Star Trek: The Motion Picture from a supermarket tabloid (I think it’s The Star, but it could be The National Enquirer).  I recall being stunned at how different the Klingons looked, and that Spock had a pageboy haircut! (oh, the hippie!)  But it stoked my interest, as you can see, I cannibalized it so it would fit neatly into my scrapbook pages.

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