My Weekly Spock 2/18/12 The Primitive Sex Appeal of DR. Spock–Corrected!

As I was going through my Nimoy files of stuff I’ve found on the internet,  I came across this unlikely contender– an old page from a movie magazine, no doubt from the 1960’s, that tries to reason out “The Primitive Sex Appeal of Dr. Spock.”   Well, obviously there are several things horribly WRONG with this article… $(KGrHqNHJCME63(5DhVhBOze)iS7F!~~60_57

First, the photo is backward and the insignia is colored in wrong!

Second, as was typical when Trek first came out, and even after it skyrocketed in syndication… IT’S MISTER SPOCK YOU DOLTS!!!!  No one cares about the primitive sex appeal of  Dr Benjamin Spock ! (Although to their credit, his title is correct in the body of the article).

Third — I found a colorized version of this same article which heinously gave Spock a yellow shirt, the insignia with orange accents!   The hot pink backdrop is colorful, and actually works nicely with the yellow shirt, if a bit Easter egg-y, so I changed that too! (with my apologies tumblr_m9u8aqZ7rA1rt0bqio1_500to the original colorist)

So I had to do the right thing, and dug out my Adobe Photoshop to  re-color this portrait to its correct and deserved tints, flip it,  and fix that age-old typo that non-Trekkie’s were wont to make (I also had to re-write the original body of the article) So here you go:psy sex app spock FINAL

Unfortunately, the last thing wrong with this article is … I can’t find the rest of the article online!   I really would like to know what Dr. Carol Hofburnham of Mulborn University  said about Spock’s primitive sex appeal. but until I can find it, we’ll just have to speculate! Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, kids!

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