“Hey That Guy Was on Star Trek!” — To Kill a Mockingbird (1963)

I was just watching the marvelous To Kill a Mockingbird recently, such a beautiful film, and one of my forever favorites. Gregory Peck as Atticus is one of my all time heroes, and the entire movie was perfectly cast.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, To Kill a Mockingbird recalls the tale of young Scout Finch (Mary Badham) growing up in Alabama during the Depression, her father Atticus is a trial lawyer.  When Atticus is called upon to defend a black man accused of rape, we see the tale unfold through Scout’s eyes. It’s a tale of prejudice and suspicion, but also a tale of the simple wonders of childhood, and how Scout learns compassion and tolerance.  I cannot recommend it enough. (And as for the new prequel, Go Set a Watchman– at first I was eager to read it, but now not so much as Atticus has been recast late in his life as a bigot…Can’t bring myself to read it–Yet.)

Anyway, it may seem trivial to point all the actors here who also appeared on Star Trek, but it just goes to show how caring the casting directors of Trek took great care to hire the best character actors. Enjoy.

First of all, Atticus’ friend and Sheriff of the town, Heck Tate, is played by Frank Overton, who TOS fans recognize as  Elias Sandoval from This Side of Paradise:

Frank Overton as Heck Tate and Elias Sandoval

Frank Overton as Heck Tate and Elias Sandoval

Scout’s summertime friend Dill Harris is played by  a tiny John Megna, who would grow quite a bit a mere three years later to play the nasty ‘Bonk Bonk!” boy in Miri:

John Megna

John Megna as little Dill, and as the “Bonk, Bonk!” boy in ‘Miri’

The father of the mysterious neighbor Boo Radley is played by  veteran actor Richard Hall, who was also Goro in The Paradise Syndrome. 

Richard Hall

Richard Hall as Mr. Radley and as Goro

At the trial, Judge Taylor is Paul Fix, who’d be Dr. Mark Piper in Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Paul Fix as the Judge and as Dr. Piper.

Paul Fix as the Judge and as Dr. Piper.

Atticus’ opponent, Prosecutor Mr. Gilmer is played perfectly by the versatile  William Windom, who cemented his Trek fame as Commodore Decker in The Doomsday Machine.

William Windom

William Windom as Prosecutor Gilmore and as Commodore Matt Decker.

And finally, although he wasn’t in the original series, the poor defendant, Tom Robinson, is played with heartbreaking anguish by Brock Peters.  Peters would later have prominent roles in Star Trek IV (Voyage Home) and Star Trek VI (Undiscovered Country) as Admiral Cartwright and in Star Trek Deep Space Nine as Joseph Sisko, the father of Commander Sisko  🙂

Brock Peters as

Brock Peters as Tom Robinson, Admiral Cartwright, and as Joseph Sisko.

My Weekly Spock 2/18/12 The Primitive Sex Appeal of DR. Spock–Corrected!

As I was going through my Nimoy files of stuff I’ve found on the internet,  I came across this unlikely contender– an old page from a movie magazine, no doubt from the 1960’s, that tries to reason out “The Primitive Sex Appeal of Dr. Spock.”   Well, obviously there are several things horribly WRONG with this article… $(KGrHqNHJCME63(5DhVhBOze)iS7F!~~60_57

First, the photo is backward and the insignia is colored in wrong!

Second, as was typical when Trek first came out, and even after it skyrocketed in syndication… IT’S MISTER SPOCK YOU DOLTS!!!!  No one cares about the primitive sex appeal of  Dr Benjamin Spock ! (Although to their credit, his title is correct in the body of the article).

Third — I found a colorized version of this same article which heinously gave Spock a yellow shirt, the insignia with orange accents!   The hot pink backdrop is colorful, and actually works nicely with the yellow shirt, if a bit Easter egg-y, so I changed that too! (with my apologies tumblr_m9u8aqZ7rA1rt0bqio1_500to the original colorist)

So I had to do the right thing, and dug out my Adobe Photoshop to  re-color this portrait to its correct and deserved tints, flip it,  and fix that age-old typo that non-Trekkie’s were wont to make (I also had to re-write the original body of the article) So here you go:psy sex app spock FINAL

Unfortunately, the last thing wrong with this article is … I can’t find the rest of the article online!   I really would like to know what Dr. Carol Hofburnham of Mulborn University  said about Spock’s primitive sex appeal. but until I can find it, we’ll just have to speculate! Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, kids!