The Daily Scrapbook: 1/10/13 — Jan 1978- Integrated Astronauts and actual, never before seen photo of Leonard Nimoy!

Scrapbook is back!  Sorry I haven’t posted much of this lately, but I’ve been busy with family, holidays, and launchingmy home business.

Here’s today’s flashback:  First, from January 1978, an article about real space explorers–This was a big improvement in NASA operations, this was the first class  of astronaut candidates who weren’t exclusively white males–(Nichelle Nichols’ work as a NASA promoter really worked!)  You see a photo of candidate Anna Fisher and her husband William.  Among the candidates, 6 women, three African-Americans, and one Asian, including future first woman in space Sally Ride, and sadly, three of the future doomed shuttle Challenger, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, and Judith Resnik.  To see the enthusiasm and joy these candidates felt at the time is now bittersweet, but we will never forget their drive and determination, not to mention being pioneers of NASA integration.  V1-pg 61

The other exciting post here is a hot,  actual photo of Leonard Nimoy taken by fan Joanne Brooks of Indiana, whom I had met a the Star Trek Convention in ’76. (scroll down for bigger copy).   As I recall, Joanne was a pretty,  tall, blond 30-something mother wearing a perfect home-custom designed blue Trek uniform-she looked great! Spock was her favorite (hence the blue).  I wish I had a picture of her, but OF COURSE my pocket camera wasn’t working well!   I envied her not just for her great costume, but because she met Nimoy at a play that same year! She had sent me this sweet letter with the picture right after the convention. I wrote back with great delight, sheepishly asking if she could possibly make me a costume too, but  eventually I made my own uniform.Hey Joanne, if you’re still out there, drop us a line! And thanks for the wonderful memory!  Letter from Trek Fan Joanne 01 9-8-76 copy

Letter from Trek Fan Joanne 02 copyHere’s a close up photo-shopped version of the candid.  Nimoy is still very much in his ascot phase here (which suited him fine) – always happy to pose for a fan!

Nimoy in 1976 by Joanne Brooks copy

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