The Daily Scrapbook 11/2/12 (July 1977) Nimoy Featured in People Magazine

Here’s today’s flashback:  July 1977, more clippings from TV Guide.  My parents had a subscription, so I was on top of every listing, paragraph, and blurb about anything related to Trek–definitely not what other 16 year old girls were doing at that age! (Geez, no wonder I never had a date in High School!)  More news about the proposed new Star Trek TV series (it was titled Star Trek Phase II), Gene Roddenberry admits concern over how Trekkies may take the new improved special effects, Nimoy appears on an episode of the syndicated  afternoon talk show The Mike Douglas Show (my Mom watched this almost every day), and Nimoy makes another appearance on Dick Clark’s The $20,000 Pyramid.  But the most exciting thing for me in this month was that Nimoy was (finally) featured in a 5 page article in People magazine! (Now, if they had only put him on the cover as he deserved!)  It’s a fine article about Nimoy and his family in NYC during Equus, his struggle to be seen as something other than Mr. Spock, and a great study on his take as Dr. Dysart in the Broadway production. A bonus is definitely the photo of him riding a horse and clowning in a Mr. Spock Tee-shirt that reads “Leonard Who?”   (I must say, for a man of 46, which seemed so old to me at the time,  he was remarkably trim!)  The final quote in the article defines Nimoy even as he is today: “The day I’m satisfied, I’m finished!”

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