The Daily Scrapbook 10/19/12

Here’s today’s flashback:  From 1977, an interesting mix of articles…upper left is an ad for the syndicated episodes of ‘Marcus Welby, M.D.’ but for some reason back in the 70’s, when repeats of currently airing series were shown in syndication, they were not called by their original names.  ( I recall Bonanza in syndication was called Ponderosa) Maybe it was a legal issue, but anyway, in this episode with William Shatner, it’s is called “Robert Young, Family Doctor‘ which is a total misnomer, since Robert Young is the actor playing Marcus Welby, but not an actual doctor, and for some reason, it’s a picture of Bill Shatner as Captain Kirk, which nothing to do with the episode, although he does play a pilot with clipped sentences! Here’s a pretty hilarious scene, listen to Bill shout “Whoooa look at that green patch down there!”  Then, a postcard from the (then) new National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC,  where they exhibited the original Model Enterprise!  I went to see this, and forget about The Spirit of St. Louis! This was the ENTERPRISE!  However, the engine nacelles were painted bright red, not frosted as I thought they would be.  No matter, it was thrilling to see the real thing.     In other news, there’s another Q&A about which TV show has smarter viewers, Star Trek or Mary Hartman? A mention of TV space parody that ‘Trek fans will hate” and a great note about Nichelle Nichols turning her typecast image lemon into lemonade, and she daylights as a NASA spokeswoman, making promotional films about the space program and hosting tours – Good for her! I wonder how many kids ended up in the space program because of her?  More on Monday!

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