My Weekly Spock 10/22/12– Guitar Man!

The guitar man is back! Just came across new batch of Nimoy with a guitar! With those hands, it seemed a natural fit (wonder if he still plays? Hope so. )  The last one just killed me! (You just know Spock had groupies..hey, I feel an idea for a StarTreKomic coming on…)

Reminds me of how, at the end of his long day at work, my dad (his name was Bill)  used to take out his guitar and strum along with Segovia records.  How I miss him.

11 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock 10/22/12– Guitar Man!

  1. llapnimoy (if your still read this), you bought the picture and scanned it? Could you scan it at higher resolution and email it? 🙂 I’m both a Trek nerd AND a guitarist, so that would be awesome. 1200dpi or more might be necessary to enlarge it, depending on the size of your source image. If the resulting file is too large, I have a 2gb dropbox account as well as other options. My email is below.

    trav (at) hoogyweb (dot) com

    • Hi –

      I have been trying to find a high res copy of the Spock playing guitar pic, & came across your request. Wondering if you were ever able to get your hands on one? I desperately want a copy so I can print an 8×10 to have framed. Fingers crossed you receive this, have found a copy over the years, & would be kind enough to share
      Thanks in advance,

      • Hi Stacey, The size of this file is 697 x 852 pixels. the resolution is 72.009, and the height and width are 11.832 x 9.679 inches. So it’s a pretty good size. I found this on Tumbler, but you’re welcome to use this one! (Don’t know where you’d find another)

      • Unfortunately, that size just doesn’t want to enlarge without pixelating when I take it to print… perhaps I’m doing something wrong. 🙂

        thanks for the response!

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