My Weekly Spock 9/23/13 Nimoy on The Captain and Tenille Show (1976) (Photos and Video)

Hey Kids,

In the waning years of the weekly Variety Show format Mr. Nimoy appeared as a guest star on the short-lived Captain and Tenille Show.  For you youngsters out there, a Variety Show was a weekly entertainment broadcast which usually featured comedy skits and musical numbers.  The closest thing we have today is Saturday Night Live.  The Captain and Tenille were best known for their hit song “Love Will Keep us Together” (Never one of my favorites)  and the producers at ABC figured this was enough to qualify them for their own variety show.  The result is, well…I’d still take this any day over Miley Cyrus!  Nimoy appeared in several skits here, the best (in a very nice blue suit) as “Alistair Bannister”, the host of “Masterjoke Theater”* where he performs the running joke that every guest host would  do;  ending the skit with a pie in the face. He also does a Shatner-Style ballad/poem with the couple.   I give him credit for being able to laugh at himself, and any TV appearance he made was welcome by me! Here’s his skits:

You can buy the whole series here. (It’s episode 5)

*Masterjoke Theater was C&T’s version of the much loved Masterpiece Theater with Alistair Cooke.