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Anton Yelchin 1989-2016

AntonIt is with great sadness and  heartbreak that I have to report this latest passing.  Anton Yelchin, the talented young actor who played Chekov in the rebooted Star Trek movies, died as a result of a freak accident at his home on Sunday, June 19th.  He was only 27.

Mr. Yelchin was rolled over by his own car and pinned between it, a brick mailbox pillar and a security fence.  This is so tragic and must be devastating for his his parents, as he was their only child.  We were just getting to know this fine young actor who gave such bubbly energy to the Chekov character. (He was one of my favorite characters in the reboot).  I know he was just beginning his path to assured stardom in his acting career.  Gone too soon, and so terribly tragic.   My heart and prayers to out to his family, friends, fellow actors and all of his admirers.

Seeing him in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie will be bittersweet, but I’m thankful we had him there.  For a relatively young actor, he has a long career in movies and television and had made several other critically acclaimed movies, including Charlie Bartlett, (2008) Like Crazy (2011),  The Beaver (2011) , and Green Room (2015)

Rest in Peace dear Anton. You will be missed.


FArFri: A “Trek” take on Lautrec.

This is just marvelous.  The artist matsutakedo on Deviant Art recreated the famous Toulouse Latrec’s poster of Divan Japonais into this surreal but quaint version of Spock Prime with young Kirk and Spock!  Amazing how well Spock’s image fits into the personage of the madam! Seems appropriate, after all, the artist’s name was Lautrec! 😉

star_trek__xi_163_by_matsutakedo-d4l1jtmhenri-de-toulouse-lautrec-poster-advertising-le-divan-japonais-1892Here’s the original for your comparison – Absinth anyone?