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FArFri – 1/4/13 “SpongeTrek” — Plankton as PLANG

plangWhat do you get when you cross a Klingon with a megalomania-cal protozoa? Why, Commander PLANG, of course!  Here’s the latest in my SpongeTrek series, Plankton as ‘PLANG’, with apoligies to the wonderful Michael Ansara (Kang)  🙂

FArFri — 12/28/12 ‘Sponge Trek’

Thought I’d end FArFri 2012 with a laugh! Here’s three drawings from a series I’m creating — Sponge Trek!   (Sponge Bob characters in Star Trek gear!)   I’m especially proud of ‘Spockward’; it’s amazing how Squidward fits so well into the Spock persona! More to come soon, enjoy, and Happy New Year! -Therese

Pat Kirk-concept copyfinal Spockward - final copy2 Sandhura 01