My Weekly Spock: Rare Head Shot Restored

This week I’m featuring a rare head shot of Leonard that I bought from Historic Images.  I’ve seen a similar version from this session where he has a full smile, but in this one the smile is a little less broad.  These head shots were often used for reference in AP articles.  Historic Images also send a newspaper clipping of this practice in action; in this case, a  celebrity horoscope from 1972.  ( btw, the image of Nimoy was taken in 1969!)

I show first the original, which was quite grubby as it was probably stored in the bottom of a filing case for reference.  It had a lot of yellowing and a bit filmy. (looks like someone scratched his name into the film!)  I’m including both here so you can see the restoration I applied.  Enjoy!

Historic Images 01

Original glossy: The full caption probably reads: (ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS OF OCT, 4. STORY…(NY5-Sept.30) –CHANGE IN STARS IN ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ Leonard Nimoy steps into role this television season of Martin Landau’s character in ‘Mission: Impossible”. (AP Wirephoto) …1969

Historic Images 02

Here’s the little clipping attached to the back of the glossy; if features a celebrity horoscope suggesting that Aries Leonard will become enamored of physic phenomena this week! (hmm.. precursor to “In Search Of?”)

Nimoy 69 restoration w-drop shadow

My cleaned up restoration. 🙂

Wideo Wednesday: The Shuttlecraft Galieo Rides Again!

Hey Kids,

Did you hear about what happened to the original  Shuttlecraft Galileo Prop for Star Trek?  Thanks to my brother John for sending this to me!  (Yet I find it ironic that the footage they show from TOS in the original series is not the actual prop, but the updated CGI effects!)   It appears that there is very little of the original prop left after the restoration, but hey, it’s the legacy that counts! And, at the risk of overuse, this was truly a (fan) labor or love!  Enjoy.  Maybe someday I’ll go see it in Texas…


BEFORE: The very sad looking remains of the original Star Trek Shuttle Galileo.


AFTER: Wow! Just like new! Where’s Commissioner Hedford?