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My Weekly Spock: That Darn Hat! (Photos)

If you’ve ever seen Baffled with Leonard Nimoy and Susan Hampshire you might have noticed Nimoy wearing this brown bucket hat in a couple of scenes:

Susan Hampshire and Leonard in The Hat’ in ‘Baffled’ 1973

Well, I always thought it look a little goofy on him, but when I found out the history of the hat, it made me laugh, so here goes:

The hat wasn’t part of  his wardrobe, but a piece owned personally by Nimoy; or  so it seemed, since he wore it in public a year later while working on his stage performance in Fiddler on the Roof

HAT n copy

Great Photo by Bobbie Reno

But wait! Turns out Nimoy was not the original owner!  It belonged to singer Pat Boone!   According to legend,  during Leonard’s recording career, he was using the same studio as crooner Pat Boone.  At one point,  Leonard spied the hat and took a fancy to it.  So much so, it went home with him…

Here’s the photo Pat wearing the hat on a TV appearance in the early 60’s:






And Leonard must have loved it a lot (sans original feather) for he still had it in 1984 during a college appearance! 🙂  Did Pat give it to him? Did he ever get it back?  The world may never know.


Leonard in 1984, Photo by Bonnie Moss

My Other Collages

Hi kids, As you know, I love to create silly collages, and it was a collage I made of the hat Princess Beatrice wore to William and Kate’s wedding that inspired me to make another one for T’Pau on Star Trek, which led to Kirk surrounded by little Bea hats, Tribble-style, which led to multi-purpose usage of the Bea Hat on Star Trek, which led to me thinking “Hey, I can make funny Star Trek comics like this!” and hence the beginnings of  StarTreKomics which in turn led to this site! *exhaling* So, without further adieu, here’s some of my non-Star Trek collages! Click on any of the images below to enlarge. (Oh how I love to cut and paste!) Enjoy, and if I make more, you’ll see them here. –Therese

First, my original Bea’s Bonnet collage:

Then a Wizard’ly inspiration:

And from several years back, a failed movie campaign ad for Hello Dolly!  I used all original quotes from the movie and turned it from a G-rated family film into an R rated fiasco!  (Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways!)

And my latest collage for my column on the Basket of Kisses site: Retro Reel Review: