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My Weekly Spock – Spock’s ‘Primitive Sexuality’ Revealed!!

Hey Kids,

Remember a while back when I re-colored and edited an old article from the 60’s about The Primitive Sex Appeal of Dr. Spock? Well, if you don’t, Here’s the link.  As you may recall, I flipped the picture, fixed the color and changed the lettering to reflect Spock’s correct title (for as we know, Spock was not a pediatrician!) I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find the rest of that article.  But now, to my delight and for your enjoyment, the genius behind the tumblr blog “Beyond Spock” has found the rest of the article, that I now present here, complete with my corrected front page! The psychologist, Dr. Carol Hofburnham,  credits Nimoy’s performance for part of Spock’s magnetism, but credits most of it to  Spock’s unconscious roots in Beowulf, Sir Lancelot, and the  Satyr.  (We all know better, of course.) Enjoy!

psy-sex-app-spock-final   tumblr_mw7tykRIaH1qj4li6o2_1280