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Closing for a while. Be back Soon

As a mother and a human being, I am so sick after the horrific events in Connecticut yesterday, as I’m sure you all are.  The only good thing that can be said about the hell that all these families and the nation are going through is that it puts life into perspective.  We Americans (and all the Earth) MUST come back to what is really important in our lives, Our Families, Our Work, and Our Commitment to making the world a better place for ALL HUMANITY.  I know my little blog gives a few giggles to a few people, but this is, in reality, just a frivolous distraction from reality.   Nostalgia is fine, but my children will only be children for so long, as will yours.  We only have RIGHT NOW.   So turn off your computer and all your media devices for at least a few days.  Please pray for the families of this latest insane massacre, pray for the hell that they’re going to live with for the rest of their lives, and that somehow, in time, they will move on. Hug your children and families.  I’ll be back soon.  With Love and Blessings, Therese

Turn off

The Daily Scrapbook, Volume – 10/8/12 “Star Heck” Parody

Here’s today’s flashback: From 1973,  this is a parody from a middle school monthly mag that we all had to read out loud in class (I think it was seventh grade).  I was delighted, of course!  My geekdom finally had some credibility if we were reading a Star Trek parody in English class!  Titled Star Heck by students  Garry Nolan and Christopher Johnson  St. Gabriel School of Windsor, Connecticut. It featured Captain Jerk and Mr. Spark!   Jerk lives up to his name and Spark is a pyromaniac!  Pretty good satire for a couple of middle school kids, but there were no drawings of the crew so I added my own patented doodle of Mr. Spock that I was always drawing on my notebooks.  However, I wasn’t too pleased with this doodle, as I wrote ‘terrible’ next to it!  I notice that I circled all of Mr. Spark’s lines — I do recall if I was chosen  to read them aloud, but I do know that we all found it awfully funny.  It inspired me in my own parody writing, and I did indeed write my own Star Trek Parody in High School, I think for 9th Grade.   I wonder what Misters Nolan and Johnson do these days?  Thanks for the inspiration, guys.