Winter Whopper in NYS

We interrupt our usual Trekkie stuff to bring you some Weather news…

Well, as some of you know, I live in New York State, not too far from Binghamton, NY. As you may have heard we had quite a whopper of a snow storm (technically a “Nor’Easter”) tear through my area on Wednesday night! Binghamton NY had a record 40″ in a 24 hour period, at times falling 5″ and hour!! We even made the national news! It started lightly on Tuesday afternoon, but by Wednesday morning, we woke up to this:


Front stoop

About 36″
There’s two cars under here on the driveway (hedge in foreground)
My brave husband! For reference he’s 6″2″.
This was after I dug out 2/3rds of the front walk – note the height of the snow on the roof!
Here’s my husband about to turn into the front walk to get the rest of what I dug out plowed!
I got a bit spattered by the snow spray!!
Our sons — we plowed so much we had to refill the snow blower!
The snow atop the cars was almost as high as the cars themselves!
Like digging out the Materhorn!

We were all pretty knocked out after all this snow work — it took about four hours!!

Wishing you a relatively safe and cozy winter season, and I hope we won’t see another one like this for a long time! But yeah…2020.

Leonard’s Helmet in my Backyard!

The Bundy Museum in Binghamton, NY has a permanent display to local and national legend Rod Serling.  Now as many of you know, Serling created, wrote for,  and produced the marvelous Twilight Zone.  The reason Bundy has this exhibit is because Serling, although born in Ithaca NY, grew up in Binghamton from the age of two.  Life in Binghamton inspired many of the Twilight Zone‘s stories (Walking Distance in particular) and he’s long been our local hero.

Well here’s some exciting news — as Trekkies know, Leonard Nimoy appeared in the classic TZ episode A Quality of Mercy.  Leonard’s face is the first thing you see in the episode, as his character is sending field reports on his walkie-talkie during a Pacific WWII battle.  Imagine my surprise when I read this article in our local paper the other day — Leonard’s helmet has now become part of the permanent Serling display at The Bundy!   I want to thank the 8 Serling fans who pooled their resources to buy the helmet, I can’t wait to see it!

2015-10-9 Bundy Nimoy Helmet

Binghamton  is just a stone’s throw away from me, so it’s nice to know that a little bit of Leonard’s legacy is now practically in my backyard!   I’ll post again as soon as I see it!


Local Sci-Fi Con on Sunday!

Hey Kids,45488_645087355511819_796029683_n

I’m psyched up for a local Sci-Fi convention coming to town this Sunday.   It’s RoberCon, the first Sci-Fi Convention to be held at the historic Roberson Museum in Binghamton NY!


Binghamton NY was the boyhood home of writer/legend Rod Serling, (The Twilight Zone), and our pride grows deeper every year!  There’s the annual Rod Serling Film Festival, where local students write and direct their own 5 minute movies, and if you’ve ever seen The Twilight Zone, you will see occasional references to Binghamton, most notably in Walking Distance  where the main character longs for the joy of his childhood, riding the merry-go-rounds.  The guest speaker at this convention is Annie Serling, daughter of Rod, who will read from her very intimate new memoir, As I Knew Him, My Dad Rod Serling.    There will also be fan forums on Dr. Who, Star Wars, Fantasy and, of course Trek, and tutorials on costume building and gaming. There will be @ 20 vendors selling everything a geek could want, however…

  My big reason for going is to be in the Costume Contest, competing as, well, lets just say, an iconic character form Star Trek!   I suspect my effort will be small potatoes compared to what I’m sure I’ll see there.  Devotees of ‘cosplay’ can be precise in every detail!   I’ll be passing out business cards for  this site too,  and I’ll post pictures and the results next week.  If any of my readers are local and want to see me make a total fool of myself, come on down!

Here’s all the info about it in this link.  Should be fun! I gotta finish my costume!