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The Daily Scrapbook 7/12/13 –(12/4/1979) The Stardates have been kind to Mr. Sulu

Here’s Today’s Flashback:  From December 4, 1979, a local review of George Takei’s visit to BInghamton at Broome Community College.  Funny when you thing that as promotion tours go, it’s surprising how often we had Trek stars come to our little upstate haven.  Why Bingamton and nearby areas?  My theory is that at the time, it was still an IBM town, and Paramount had a targeted audience with all the computer geeks there!

V3-016 complete

The Daily Scrapbook: 7/10/13 (Nov. 1979) Trek Comic Intro and Mr. Sulu Coming to Town!

Here’s today’s flashback:  From November of 1979, a quick blurb about the  Star Trek comic coming soon to our daily newspaper and an ad announcing a visit at my local community college by Mr. Sulu himself, George Takei!  (I was a new student at BCC at the time, and my enthusiasm for Trek hadn’t dimmed)