Top l-r: Lt. Uhura, Shanna, Eve, Mea 3, Dr. Janet Wallace, Deela, Ariel Shaw, Yeoman Janice Rand. 2nd Row: Dr. Janice Lester, Spock, Andrea, Odona, Sister Edith Keeler, Kirk, Dr. Helen Noel, Dr.Anne Mulhall, Rayna 16. 3rd row: Marta, Alternate Universe Marlena Moreau, Sylvia, Ruth,Drusilla. 5th Row: Miramanee, Lenore Karidian, Dr. Miranda Jones, Kelinda, Elaan of Troyus, Nona.

One thought on “Jealous

  1. Note the costume detail on Uhura and Lenore Karidian’s gowns; they both wear the same cameo pin with pearl drop! (Costumer Bill Theiss recycled a lot!) Also, I had to put Miranda and Kelinda together, since they had the same top-knot hairdo.

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