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My own original captioned scenes and collages are seem in my fractured take on the Star Trek Universe!

‘The Bailey Bunch’

I always wanted to do a Trek/Brady crossover! This came into my brain as I was dozing off the other night!

bailey bunch

Toon: But it’s so Shiny! (Something for Enrique)

News Item, Enrique Iglesias injured while catching drone.

Something for EnriqueGet well soon Enrique, and please never do that again!

btw, I just noticed that this is my 888th post!

Today’s Toon: Kirk in Men’s Health

Had this idea a long time! Who wants a Spock one?

MH Slim like Jim

Today’s Toon: Don’t Blink!

Something for the Whovians… Inspired by an actual Spock quote from The Galileo Seven, this came to me as I was dozing off the other night; glad I remembered it!  (My mind works in crazy ways, folks!)

Dont Blink

p.s.  I don’t think the weeping angels actually hiss, but it made for good creepiness here!

Darn that Groundhog…

If I understand correctly, Punxscatawney Phil saw his shadow again so it’s six more weeks of winter…as long as it’s not six months!   Here’s a chestnut from a few years ago… 😉

Ground Hog Day

I Made Some Silliness on Meme Generator

I don’t do football, but this was too good to pass up, especially with the look in Rand’s face! I made this with Meme Generator on imgflip.  Enjoy!

Toon Tuesday: Oklahoma!


Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Bet you didn’t know that once Captain Pike and Vina were living in paradise for a few years they started a virtual theater group to stave off boredom! (Broadcasting directly from Talos IV!)*

I loved making this.  It started when I came across this image of Vina talking and she looked like she was singing.  Her pink gingham shirt reminded me of the purple gingham dress Laurie wears in Oklahoma!  I was gladly able to change the pink to lavender using the hue/saturation key on Photoshop.   Immediately I had to find a good ‘singing’ picture of Pike in the same scene, and fortunately there it was with Pike staring off in the distance. 🙂  I borrowed Gordon Macrae’s cowboy hat and scarf from this image, and it all gelled together perfectly!

*If you’ve never seen Oklahoma!, you can read all about it here, and read this very funny review here.

Today’s Toon: Evil Spock Facial Fur Fails…

Hey Kids,

Of course the producers of Mirror,Mirror took a while to decide the best evil look for Spock… They eventually decided on a modified Heisenburg; after all, he is the evil!  😉 My first Toon with my new computer, enjoy, Therese 🙂

MIrror Spock beard fails

That Shirt.

Makes sense, right?

That Shirt

Today’s Toon: Awkward Elevator

Sorry, just the way Bill is looking at Leonard here, I couldn’t resist!

Awkward Elevator