The author in 1994

I am a Star Trek Survivor.

Yup.  I lived though that interesting time in American pop culture; after the cancellation of the original Star Trek  series  and before the advent of  Star Wars and the Star Trek Movies and TV sequels that would come to be known as “The Franchise”.  Yet as wonderful as many of those different versions of Trek were (and a few God-Awful!) this will be a blog mostly about the first Original Series,which has always held a special place in my heart, as well as anything else I can think of. I have a lot of interests, including photography,crafting, art,travel, and writing, I’m also a busy wife and mother  and you’ll see many of these represented here. Depends on what mood I’m in and how much time I have.

But back to the main theme. Now there are many kids today who have no notion of the Original Star Trek Series, save for the J.J. Abrams version*. Time and culture have not been kind to the original series,(1966-1969) which, in many circles is considered,  lets face it,  dated, cheap, tacky, sexist, extremely WASP-y and so incredibly melodramatic!   Bill Shatner’s clipped rantings have become the stuff of legend, and despite being set in the future, our current slew of electronics makes the original Trek devices look like, to paraphrase Spock,  “stone knives and bearskins.” Indeed the reverence that it gained in syndication in the ’70s has pretty much sunk in the era of the gritty SyFy Channel**. While today it is seen as the perfect pigeon for satire, and it’s easy to overlook the aspects of the original that made it special and unique.  I hope this site will remind people just how much fun it was.

I bet that if you can look past all the inaccuracies, scenery chewing, and mini-skirts, The Original Series (TOS) had one thing that I still find lacking in modern Sci-Fi adventures –the sense of ROMANCE,  In a (literally) sparkling future, where good always wins and everything is bright, shiny, and squeaky clean, there are no grubby ships or dirty fingernails here. With its soaring music,  rainbow gel interiors, heavy pancake makeup, Technicolor costumes  and of course,  the love stories, —STAR TREK, captured  heart of this (then) Tween, and still carries a little spark there. It was much less about how the transporter worked, and much more about how strong and dashing the men were!

On a personal note, when my darling father passed in 1974, (only 56), I admit using Trek to fill the hole in my heart.  Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) was not only my teen dream heart-throb, but a bit of a semi-paternal figure to me;  wise, artistic,creative and inspiring, devout, and a caring activist. I’ll admire him always.  (Update 2/27/15, Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy <3)

Also, I’m happy to report that I made it through my teen years and early adulthood intact despite being a fan of Star Trek.  These days, it’s not, nor has it ever been, part of my every waking existence, nor is it something I keep up to date with (except for hearing the occasional obituary notice). And Honestly, whenever I see an episode of  Voyager, Enterprise, or Star Trek TNG , I have to laugh at often how silly a lot of it was.

With this in mind, I welcome you, dear reader, to this blog of Old Memories and Happy Thoughts about  Star Trek. (and other stuff)  I will be posting many pictures of collectibles from my personal collection here, as well as my original satire  series of “Star TreKomics”.  I’m  also posting musings on life, the universe, and everything.  It’ll be a lot of “Hey, look at this cool thing I found on the net!” which might just appeal to someone out here.  After all, life is just one long Trek, isn’t it?

NOTE:  I am very busy with home and work, so I probably won’t be posting every day, but I will add stuff here and there.

Thanks so much and Enjoy!   Peace and Long Life To you,


* I loved the 2009 Trek reboot, and you can see my review of the second one here

** But I do love Dr. Who


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  2. As I said somewhere else, I’ve just found this and it sums up my feelings beautifully. I’m a bit older than you and still love it. Yes. look past The Shat’s acting and the sexism, it was a joy and still is when you look back and laugh with them. And Nimoy is still the very best. I’ll follow this with delight

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  7. Hi Therese – Just found your site. I first saw STTOS in early ’67 and have been a Trekkist
    ever since. Being very un-PC, I don’t sweat the
    pitiful critics – e.g., I have a cellphone album
    titled Trek Babes, to which I can now add your lovely photo (thanks!).
    Around 1970, l read a TV Guide interview
    with Nichelle and Majel and another Trekess, and they were asked, “Did you resent the women’s outfits you had to wear on-camera?” All three women answered, “Not at all! We thought, and still do, the outfits were flattering and feminine and attractive, and we were quite comfortable in them.” Right on, ladies.
    As a retired truck driver, l say KEEP ON
    Sincerely, Asa

    • Hello Asa, thanks for your kind comments 🙂 Of course that pic of me is 24 years old now — where has time gone? But one thing remains true – Star Trek = Happy! Thanks and LLAP. I’ll be posting an article soon — I’ve been busy making cloths masks! Stay well and safe, Therese.

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