Who Wore it Better? Someone wants to be Sylvia.

Well Well, Well. Bill Theiss had predicted the future again!! It appears this Instagram starlet, Dixie d’Amelio, wore this sister dress to Sylvia’s gown at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. I have never seen her site, nor ever watch these shows (wait, they still make music videos?) but when I came across this picture online, I had to honor William Ware Theiss’ predictive fashion yet again! Sylvia wins, of course.

Dixie d’Amelio at the 2021 MTV Music Video Awards. Sylvia (Antoinette Bpwer) shows Kirk a different look in Catspaw.

2 thoughts on “Who Wore it Better? Someone wants to be Sylvia.

  1. Sylvia was one of the most mysterious of all the Star Trek C chicks. I always watch this episode on Halloween. One thing that doesn’t make any sense though. Mr .Spock doesn’t know about tricking and treating but he knows the whole history of mankind like the back of his hand. .Antoinette Bower showed up in so many TV shows in the 60 s & 70 s. I think that she’s still alive.

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