Know the difference.

Please continue to stay safe everyone. We still have a ways to go. 😦

4 responses to “Know the difference.

  1. excellent
    thank you . will share and of course give you credit and kudos

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  2. Thank you, Jimmy. 🙂

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  3. Kid Charlemagne

    Well, at least it’s not the Symbalene Blood Burn.

    Or Rigellian Fever.

    Or Vegan Choriomeningitis.

    Or Choriocytosis.

    Or that horrid Grup disease from Xerox Earth.

    However, I have been vaccinated.

    House Moderna — OURS IS THE FURY!

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  4. Kid Charlemagne

    If we lived in the “Who-niverse”, we could just re-program these guys and turn them loose: 😉

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