Leonard’s Heavenly 90th

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, today, March 26th, would have been Leonard Nimoy’s 90th Birthday! I haven’t forgotten, and as I am almost done with William Shatner’s 90th Birthday collage, I also working on Leonard’s 90th Birthday Tribute Collage too! I would have had both done today, but I had some glitches with my computer (probably from making so many collages!) But I hope to have them BOTH posted here tomorrow!

By the way, Today, in Honor of Leonard’s 90th, Leonard’s home town of Boston Massachusetts has declared today “Leonard Nimoy Day”! I’d like to think he’s enjoying it from above ❤

This declaration of Leonard Nimoy Day makes me so Happy! ❤

Thank you for your patience, and for now, enjoy this, some of my most favorite photos of Mr. Nimoy ever ! ❤ What a pleasure to have lived in the same time period as he did! Happy Heavenly 90th Birthday Sir! We’ll never forget you! ❤

(I took the photo on the right in 2013, a happy day)
If anyone knows what show this is from…
You can almost hear the laugh.
We’ll always have Paris…
Kitty Love
Most Logical.

5 responses to “Leonard’s Heavenly 90th

  1. I was there when you took the top photo on the right, sitting right next to you.

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  2. I remember it well! And that blurry one of him smiling at YOU! ❤

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  3. I never knew this. Just happened to be watching some episodes from season three. I actually like Spock’s Brain. It’s so ridiculous it’s good. Been a fan of TOS since the 1970 s when I was in high school. Have the whole series on DVD. Never could get into any of the other series especially the most recent garbage. Star Trek belonged to an era Got a huge poster all I need to know about life I learnt from Star Trek. Thanks for sending that.

    [image: image.png]

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