Farewells of 2020.

Every year I try to make a tribute page to the wonderful actors, entertainers, writers, musicians, and newsmakers who have passed on. Originally I was going to add this to a bigger collage of this awful last year, but in 2020, there were so many, it was easiest to just make a big collage. (I’ll post a 2020 collage of events soon). So many wonderful lives here some long, some painfully too short, but all memorable. I’ve included as many as I can find, and forgive me if I left some out. But I hope you will find some beloved familiar faces, and discover some new ones! Lots of inspiration here. Gone but not forgotten, Rest in Peace.

I’ve included a Key to all the faces below. Let me know who you remember and enjoyed! <3

Alas, I found one more – Trini Lopez, 83, wonderful singer and actor (If I had a Hammer, The Dirty Dozen) Heaven sings!

4 thoughts on “Farewells of 2020.

  1. Dear Priestess Therese – “How we face death is
    at least as important as how we face life.” –
    Kirk to Savik (sp?) Thanks for the Farewells
    list. Hero General Yeager broke the Sound barrier, not the light. Stuart Whitman – my beloved sister
    had a crush on him!

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