Happy 88th Birthday Nichelle Nichols!!

WE LOVE YOU!! Thank you for your talent, beauty, and your inspiration from all of us! Stay well and Safe! love, trekkerscrapbook.com!

4 responses to “Happy 88th Birthday Nichelle Nichols!!

  1. Happy birthday 🎂 Nichelle hoping for a better 2021


  2. Happy Birthday Nichelle!

    Did our hostess create this MP? I don’t remember.

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  3. This is not about Ms. Nichols or Uhura, but I don’t remember if I posted this here or not–or maybe Ms. Bohn created it?

    Come to think of it, we don’t know what gender the Gorn captain was…

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  4. I didn’t make this one, but it’s perfect! 😀


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