Happy Labor Day!

Especially to all the Essential Workers who tend to our needs despite the Pandemic. Please stay safe everyone ❤

One response to “Happy Labor Day!

  1. The future liberals ACTUALLY want.

    Except, of course, for the Eugenics Wars. And World War 3. And the vanishing of the whales. And the giant alien probe which came looking for the vanished whales. And Nomad. And V’Ger. And the Doomsday Machine.

    And Redjac. And that nameless monster which eats hate. And the Salt Monster. And the Giant Space Amoeba. And the Evil Cloud Monster What Sucks Your Red Corpuscles Right Outta Ya Without Making Any Punctures. And the Tentacle Monster What Eats You And Sends You Back Half-Digested Or Something Like That (oh wait, that last one came from Space: 1999).

    And the Borg. And the Dominion and their allies the Breen. And whoever tricked the Xindi into attacking Earth. And the still-unknown aliens from “Conspiracy”.

    And choriocytosis. And Vegan choriomeningitis. And Rigellian Fever. And the Symbalene Blood Burn.

    And that annoying Q.

    The Klingons and Rihannsu (nee Romulans) can stay; they’re cool once you get to know them. 😀


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