Nichelle Nichols Farewell Tour

As many of you know, our beloved Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura on TOS is retiring from convention appearances this year.  (Her farewell tour is listed here) Nichelle realizes it is time for her to retire, although I suspect she really does not want to.

As Nichelle continues her farewell tour, here are some lovely images are from her appearance in Phoenix on May 26th.  She looks so happy with a fan, George Takei, Walter Koenig, and her son Kyle.  I do believe Nichelle is happiest when she’s with her fans and Trek family, truly in her element.



It’s sad that she is retiring, but totally understandable.   I hope I may get to meet her as well before the tour ends.

I wish Nichelle  a happy and peaceful retirement, surrounded by love and caring.  Godspeed Nichelle, and may you truly live long and prosper. <3

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  1. As a long time reader and fan of your blog, I have loved your posts. However the posting of sad Nichelle Nichols video is a violation of her privacy. You have always shown tremendous respect for the show and its actors but the Nichols post is painfully invasive.

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