4 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock – Pensive Leonard.

  1. Great Gobs!! He would certainly be All Kinds of Disappointed in mankind. If Spock were here, he’d have taken the first starship back to Vulcan asap!!

  2. He wouldn’t be happy that is for sure. He was very much a person who believed in equality, especially for women. He was a part of the women’s movement towards equality. He would be part of the #me too among other movements. He would have been horrified about all the mass shootings, especially the Synagogue in Pittsburgh. And don’t get me started with how he’d feel about that freak in the white house. I miss Leonard SO much.

  3. Linda, Leonard was a great believer in equality for all. A long time ago I recall reading about him marching for causes. He was very good in his civil duty. I’m sure he would have been as horrified by the Synagogue as we all were. I think Leonard would have made an excellent Senator. The world needs more Leonard Nimoys. <3

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