A Day at TreKonderoga Part One: Welcome to TreKonderoga!

Hi Everyone!

Hard to believe a week has passed already since my wonderful visit to Ticonderoga, NY to attend TreKonderoga with my great friend Bobbie.

TreKonderoga  is the annual mini-Trek Convention that takes place annually at the marvelous Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in the middle of Ticonderoga, NY.   How did this incredible recreation of the TOS set come about?  Well, as Wikipedia so deftly puts it:

In the middle of Ticonderoga lies the wonderful Star Trek Original Series Set Tour! Built by James Cawley, the sets were built to make Star Trek: New Voyages was created by James Cawley in April 2003. Jack Marshall came aboard as a producer with the idea to market the series on the internet.[3] The first episode, “Come What May” debuted on the internet on January 2004. The first episodes were filmed on new sets at a long-shuttered car dealership in Port Henry, NY,[4] but production eventually moved to a former Family Dollar store at 112 Montcalm St. in downtown Ticonderoga, NY.[5] This facility is currently open to the public for tours and is officially licensed by CBS. Tour information is available at http://www.startrektour.com

I took a zillion pictures so I’ll be breaking this report up into several sections – Enjoy!    First up: Welcome to TreKonderoga!   Part II -Touring the Enterprise! –  next!

5 thoughts on “A Day at TreKonderoga Part One: Welcome to TreKonderoga!

  1. oh I am SO jealous. I hope that I can get up there sometime and take the ST tour. One thing I should mention that Spock’s hands are facing in the wrong direction. Try putting your hands behind your back like he does and you can see they are not in the right position, unless you’re a contortionist. your palms should be facing outward not the tops of your hands.

  2. Great photos!!! I was there May 5th to see William Shatner and got a photo with him on the bridge. I didn’t take nearly as many photos as you and it appeared that items were added like the costumes and wax (?) figures of Kirk and Spock.

    • Yes, I’ve read this. It’s sad. However, We were speaking with James Cawley (at TreKonderoga) and he said it was only short-term memory she has at this time. They hope that she will not be denied conventions, and so do I. She enjoys the moment, and that’s a blessing. I love Nichelle.

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