Star Trek is an American Treasure. Happy Fourth of July.

Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Americans!   I was lucky to grow up in a time in America when innovation and seeking a brighter future were key to our growth.  In the 1960’s, we Americans were excited as the prospect landing on the moon and discovering the wonders it would reveal to our senses.  There was  promise of new horizons, and the dream of making the whole world a better place through science and exploration.

And wasn’t Star Trek, that little sci-fi show, a beacon of that dream?  In the midst of the hell that was Vietnam, and national unrest between races and generations, Star Trek reminded us that, yes, there will be hard times, but we WILL survive them and we CAN come together as human beings and live in tolerance and peace.

I feel that we are in turmoil here 49 years after the final original Star Trek episode ended, but I still believe in that dream, and the beauty of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  And I pray that my beloved country will be able to find it’s better angels again, and that we can again strive toward the dream of unity, and love,  that America, and Star Trek, presented.

My salute to the two great pop culture moments of the 1960’s; Star Trek and The Beatles. Wishing you Peace, Love, and Live Long and Prosper on this 4th of July.

6 thoughts on “Star Trek is an American Treasure. Happy Fourth of July.

  1. Amen! Star Trek TOS in the 60’s was about that very thing! Coming together in peace and finding a way to coexist and embrace realitour diversity of thought and humanity! We are blessed to be Americans in a free nation society, where all things are possible and everyone should understand the possibilities are only limited by our imagination! Happy Independence Day, and May the fourth be with you!😉😄✌️🇺🇸

  2. If we could just figure out some way to trick Putin into reading the Preamble to our Constitution–for “the tongue of the Evil One shall surely burn with fire”. 😉

  3. “Anna Elizabeth, Avenger4Life” posted it on Wonkette, which is where I found it, so give her the credit.

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