Some More Fun with Trek Merchandise

‘If you build it, they will come” goes the old advertising adage, and when merchandisers saw what an impact that canceled sci-fi show was having on people in the 1970’s, they could smell a cash cow a mile away. They’d slap the Star Trek name on almost anything, even when it clearly has nothing to do with it! (note the pinball game).  Now how many of these sold is another matter, but  here’s more in my ongoing search for Trek merchandise and memorabilia.   Did you have any of these?

Let Spock and the captain help you with the dishes after the year ends!

Star Trek TOS never looked like this pinball game!

I’m guessing the manufacturers of the game couldn’t get licensed characters, so they just borrowed the name. Looks like fun though!

Well this is wicked cool! Although I didn’t have one of these, we did have a black portable cassette player which we’d record whistling sounds into to make it our ‘tricorder’

Great box too!

I saw these in drugstores all the time. The Trek logo here is the same as the one used for the Gold Key comics that had come out in the 60’s.

I’ve never seen or heard this album, but would be curious to hear if it’s any good. Great artwork, Spock as a hound-dog!

This Halloween costume is a bit better than the ones that came out in the 60’s (although I was not aware that crew members had hot pink uniforms as seen on the box art!

Where would we be without our Star Trek Zing Wing?


9 thoughts on “Some More Fun with Trek Merchandise

  1. I love the comedy album cover, especially Nomad and the Salt Vampire (“Needs salt”). ^_^

    I think I have posted this before, but this foreign knockoff toy looks like how Scott might have re-designed the Enterprise after too many Scotches.

  2. I had the phaser & STAR TREK Unofficial Comedy Album!!! The latter was sold at cons throughout the Eighties!!!

  3. Accuracy mattered to me then even though I was a kid, so I passed on a ton of stuff like the tricorder. Like you, I played with a black cassette recorder as my tricorder that looked more like one than that Mego thing did.

    All these years later, I will admit something here: at the store I pocketed the cassette tape the tricorder came with because while one side was blank, the other side had an edited-together version of Where No Man Has Gone Before and The Corbomite Maneuver. Pretty neat!

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