Good Night America.

Friends, I won’t be posting for a while.  The events of the last 24 hours have left me so numb I will probably spend the next few weeks in deep prayer.

I am sickened and disgusted that this orange, arrogant, ignorant,  misogynistic, homophobic, racist will be taking over the reigns of my beloved country.  This man has no right to be anywhere near the nuclear codes.  He is a whiny overgrown toddler with skin thinner than an onion. Contrary to his continuous boasting, his is NOT smart, nor is he rational.   He has no respect for womanhood, he has no respect for anyone who is not white. He will reverse all the hope and good that came from the past 8 years and he has brought to the front the flagrant racism of white power.

I love my country, but I have never been an ‘our nation first’ kind of person.  I believe that every country deserves the right to live in peace and harmony, but I feel now that the nuclear clock is ever closer to midnight.  I cannot believe that so many people were suckered in by this racist bastard.  One thing I fear; the America I believe in will be soon plummeted into darkness. Trump will ally with Russia and is only happy to lick Putin and Kim Jong Un’s boots.  Our Four Freedoms here in America will slowly erode, as such:

Freedom of Speech:  Trump has already banned and mocked reporters at his rallies.  You can damn well bet that he will do his damnedest to remove any shred of disagreement in the media. He already has his Trump TV planned– I suspect it will become STATE TV.

Freedom from Want:  Not likely.  Trump will end or reverse all the programs that aid the poor. He will tax the hell out of the middle class and more.   He will keep the billionaires happy, of course.

Freedom of Worship.  Only if you’re a ‘Christian’ of course.  Jews, Muslims, Buddhist’s and all others need not apply.  He will drive out the Muslims, or very likely put them in internment camps.

Freedom from Fear.  I am more scared now than I have ever been in my life. Not just for my country, but for the world.  Trump will rout out anyone who disagrees with him.  And this is the man who asked not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES during a security briefing:  “Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?”

To the rest of the world, I am so sorry that my fellow countrymen were sucked in by this conman.  I am so sorry that our media gave this bastard free press EVERY FRIGGIN’ DAY for the past 15 months, and for all the fooled who crawled out of the woodwork to support him.  Apparently America is too naive to realize that it is NOT a good thing when one of the only papers to endorse a candidate is run by the Ku Klux Klan.

God Help Us.

To all my readers who voted for him, I will understand if you are offended by this post and decide to drop out.  I will not hold it against you.  I thank you for your time in the past.  But I’m afraid that under a Trump presidency, our future will be more of a Borg Collective than the tranquil solace of Vulcan.

May we all strive to Live Long and Prosper.  (Missing Leonard more than ever)   Love, Therese.

Update: (11/18) I added this meme sent in by reader Kid Charlemange, only modified it a bit to make it family-friendly (I totally understand Mr. Lincoln’s confusion) Thanks Kid. 🙂


27 thoughts on “Good Night America.

  1. Dear Therese
    I´m from Germany and I follow your site for some years now. You took the words out of my mouth. “Numb” is what I feel too. I was worried, there was a chance of him winning ,but I trusted in the common sense and decency of the American people. I was wrong. It seems, that millions voted for this man not despite but BECAUSE of what he has said and done.It seems, it it still more acceptable to vote for a male louse than for a female – ANY female!
    Will any election from now on has to be operated like a reality show? Is this the way to win votes in the future? And believe me, it is not just happening in your country. Germany has it´s share of rising lunatics, who don´t trust in politics or the press and flock to any loudmouth that crows the loudest. I´m just listening to REM´s “It´s the end of the world” – but I can´t feel fine.
    Take care. Love from Carmen.

  2. Therese, I am offended, but not at what you wrote so well. I’m sick at heart and terrified of what this monster will do to our country and to the rest of the world. I hope something or someone helps this benighted country, since we’ve proven we’re incapable of helping ourselves.

  3. I am not an American, but yes I agree with you. I live in Australia and Australian born, I don’t like Trump at all and he should never have been aloud to run for the White House. So god help us all with him as leader.

  4. Hang in there – I will not fear or give into hate, intolerance and all the negative things the campaign has laid at my doorstep. I must rise above this – and not change who I am.
    I too am sickened and dismayed. This resonates on so many levels for me.
    Please keep posting when you can – I really enjoy your posts and your perspective on things.

    LLAP !!

  5. I know. After Brexit I was so devastated I was in shock for two days and ill for a while after. Because Brexit happened, I strongly thought the unthinkable would happen in the US too and I was right. You’ll get over the shock and the grief. For the rest, I believe there will be many people keeping a close eye on him, even if they are Republicans. They’ll have their snouts in the trough, even if before the election they said they wouldn’t support him, but no-one wants to die. Please don’t despair.

  6. And, as I said elsewhere, I so desperately miss Leonard’s wisdom in these black times. The world is in revolution. Each one of us must spread as much light as we can, to counteract it.

  7. I can find much to like in Senator Sanders, but among the general public, he would not have stood a chance in Areinnye.

  8. Little-known Trek connection: Long ago, Trump bought all the original Tribbles from Gene Roddenberry, to use as hairpieces.

    If Mudd’s androids had been real, he’d have bought them to use as wives. 😛

  9. It’s been more than a week, and I still can’t wrap my mind around this. I can’t believe our fellow Americans actually voted for that creature. I keep hoping I’m going to wake up back in the real world, the one where a racist, sexist, homophobic hate-monger can’t win the presidency of the United States.

    I’m having trouble sleeping at night, and this morning, I had trouble choking down breakfast. It’s like my body is in fight-or-flight mode, except there’s nowhere to run to.

    Too bad we haven’t discovered Vulcan yet; a logical society sounds REAL good right about now!

  10. Trump is a puppet. The ultimate villain here is Putin.

    Well, maybe Putin will get stuck with 500 copies of his ex-wife in the afterlife. 😈

  11. I’m sorry, but you are seriously f****d in the head. Trump’s got a long road ahead of him if you think he’s trying to shut down your precious media. The tolerant and self righteous have been trying to silence the ONE conservative network for twenty years. What you SHOULD do is remove head from a**, and stop believing everything your hear in the mainstream, one sided media. It is clearly scaring the proverbial S**T out of you gullibles.

    • Dear Justan, please refer to the comments guide before you post anything here. I don’t find the media terribly precious, especially the ones that care more about ratings and infotainment that facts and figures. Also, I don’t know you at all, but I would not address you with vulgarities, even if I opened my comment with “I’m sorry”. And as to what I’m hearing from Trump’s OWN MOUTH each day gives me cause to be worried. You don’t have to agree with me and that’s fine, but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Happy Thanksgiving and have a peaceful day.

  12. Only today i have seen this post. I say: Not to worry! It happens in central America for a long, long time. It is happening in Europe and growing every day, it happens in Asia every second. It is a way for some to make sure the population is under control withought nuclear war. “some” do not want to lose everything and must prevent that. Please, do observe history after the end of the 2WW, the loss of the colonies for most european countries, the maintenance of the Commonwealth…What countries are in war at the moment in meddle asia? Who did they belong or to whom were they connected to? As soon as you will find that, you will know some of the guilty party…

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