Heading to Star Trek: Mission New York!

Hey all!  I’ll be heading to Star Trek:Mission New York this coming Sunday!  Looking forward to it! Any of you going?


Therese as Rand on her way to last year’s RoberCon in Binghamton NY

I’ve been to a few conventions in my time, but I realize the last time I was in at a major convention in NYC was 40 years ago this month!  It was Star Trek Bi-Centennial-10 in 1976, a when I was 15!  So much has changed in that time.  With the advent of Comic-Cons and such, there is more emphasis on all different types of fantasy and sci-fi creations (and that is great), but it’ll be really fun to be among mostly Trekkies here   🙂   I admit, when I’ve gone to our local ‘RoberCon’ in the past few years, it’s a tad frustrating (or at least a reminder that I’m getting old!) that the younger kids have no idea who I’m dressing up as.  Kids thought I was an elf from Lord of the Rings when I dressed up as T’Pau the other year, and you’d be amazed how many people thought I was Nurse Chapel when I dressed up as Yeoman Rand last year!

But at Star Trek Mission New York, I’m sure that true Trekkers will know that I’m Dr. Miranda Jones from “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”  (Assuming I finish my costume on time!!)


Dr. Miranda Jones (Diana Muldaur) in “Is there in Truth No Beauty?”

I’ll be getting a few photo ops with several of the celebs (will post as soon as I get them)!  Should be a blast!

Are any of you going?  Let me know, I’d love to meet you!!!  See you Sunday, I’ll be wandering around! 😀

Have fun and LLAP, Therese


Update! 9/3 — I just finished my ‘sensor robe’ like Miranda’s but I’ll be wearing black under it (didn’t finish the blue in time)  Here’s my bargain basement version of the sensor robe   🙂

IMG_0348 copy

I’ll look better with the black pants and shirt under it!

4 responses to “Heading to Star Trek: Mission New York!

  1. I was 16 when the show aired for the first time. Yup, I feel the age thing, too! I am so surprised (but not so surprised, really) that so many “young people” who weren’t even born then are such avid fans of the show. Many don’t like TOS – probably because of the new technology – and it no doubt seemed kinda campy to them but oh well. It’s all we had back then. Besides, I was totally taken by Spock at the time to notice much else! Haha. Oh! Cleaned out a cabinet that was falling apart anyway and found some more pix I didn’t remember I had. Will post in LNAS and try to get everything together this weekend and put ’em over here, too. Cheers!

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  2. Hi. Love your Rand outfit and wig. Please share some pix of you wearing the Miranda Jones outfit.


  3. Happy 50th to The Original Series! I didn’t really start noticing Trek until the Animated Series (I was 10 when TAS premiered), but I went back and caught TOS in syndication (and the Blish adaptations; even then, I noticed differences between the Blish paperbacks and what was actually aired).

    I forget if I saw this garden gnome here or not. ^_^


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