Cross-Stitch Leonard in Black and White

Since I’ve had a awful head cold this week, I took a little time to make another Nimoy picture with the Cross Stitch World Game on Facebook.  This is one of my favorite photos of him ever!  Well, back to more fluids and rest! ❤


4 responses to “Cross-Stitch Leonard in Black and White

  1. This is one of my favourites too. Incredible expression in the eyes

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  2. Yes. And I don’t think he was posing, but just caught in conversation. ❤ I see deep concentration and compassion.


  3. That is just a perfect picture! I wish I had the patience.


    • Hi Mara — this only took about 90 minutes because it is a digital cross stitch game on Facebook. It’s also an app for tablets and such. You can load any pictures from your computer into the game an make them look like a cross-stitch. I did that with a bunch of Trek images, as well as anything else that I thought would be pretty! Here’s the link:


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