My Weekly Spock: Romance Requited? The First Officer, the Nurse, and the Lost Scene.

When I started really watching Trek as a young teen,  I was enamored of the possible romance between Nurse Chapel and Mr. Spock.  I felt sympathy for her unrequited love for the tall cool Vulcan, and wondered if she’d ever melt his heart.

The original series only hinted at anything more between Spock and Chapel than mutual respect. Chapel was given her puppy-love moments in The Naked Time and Amok Time, but by the time she finally got an (albeit forced)  lip-lock with Spock, the original series was doomed to cancellation.   Sometimes I wonder if the series had continued if anything more would have become of Chapel’s infatuation, or even if she would have been given more than just the job of Enterprise Mom.

A recent discovery revealed a lot more insight within the  Spock/Chapel consciousness-sharing in Return to Tomorrow.  The scene was cut for length, and maybe just as well because what starts as a sweet sentimental moment ends as a somewhat stereotypical 60’s view of a woman’s mindset.  Here’s the scene: (found at Star Trek:The New Voyages)

CHRISTINE:  It was beautiful. (to Spock) I felt the same when I shared my consciousness with you.
Spock reacts; McCoy turns toward him:
McCOY:  That sounds almost immoral, Mister Spock.
SPOCK: I assure you, it was a most distressing experience. (to McCoy) Doctor, you could not believe the torrents of emotion I encountered…the… jungle of illogic…(Spock almost shudders) It was like being in the mind of an alien.
CHRISTINE:  (smiles)  Why, thank you, Mister Spock.
SPOCK: (puzzled) I don’t understand. Thank me?
KIRK: You just paid her a high compliment, Spock.
McCOY: Yes, you do turn a nice phrase
now and then, Spock. (to Christine) Thank the stars women are that different from us.
ANNE: (to Christine) Come along, fellow alien. If
he doesn’t understand, I doubt if we could explain.
Kirk moving to his command chair. Spock is still standing there puzzled.
SPOCK: Captain… I really don’t understand.
KIRK: Sargon did, Spock. ‘Together… forever’. I hope some day with someone you’ll be able to
know what that means.
SPOCK:(considers it) Sargon was enormously advanced, Captain. I will consider this. Spock moves off to his station. Kirk and McCoy exchange looks; then Kirk turns toward the helm.
KIRK: Take us out of orbit, Mister Sulu.
SULU: Leaving orbit, Captain.
As they look up toward the Main Viewing Screen:
Leaving the planet, heading into star-studded space.

I think I’m happy with the way it was edited; her smile infers that her mind connection with Spock was quite a ride!  But then again, it’s nice to see Kirk wish Spock well with his future and Ann and Christine summing up Spock’s reaction to the meld.

I’ve heard that Roddenberry wanted Spock to end up with Chapel, but it was never to be in any current incarnation.  I’m sure there’s fan fiction about it, but my imagination is enough for now.  We heard about Spock’s wedding in an episode of The Next Generation; Picard says he attended but we don’t know the identity of the bride.   Maybe I’ll write a tale someday!


“Oh I love you!”

returntotomorrowhd1317 copy

“It was beautiful!” (wink-wink)

At Last!

At Last!


One more time! The last time we see Spock and Chapel together in 'Turnabout Intruder'

One more time! The last time we see Spock and Chapel together in ‘Turnabout Intruder’

Aww! Leonard and Majel in the 1990's

Aww! Leonard and Majel in the 1990’s


9 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Romance Requited? The First Officer, the Nurse, and the Lost Scene.

  1. I always though that if Star Trek lasted into the seventies, Spock would have be given more screen time as a romantic lead..

  2. I never thought Nimoy and Barrett had much on-screen chemistry; I thought the scenes where Uhura tried to flirt with Spock worked much better. Her flirting in the “Man Trap” and her song about him in “Charlie X” seemed to me to have a lot more sizzle to them than Majel Barrett’s sappy looks.

    Cultural ideals of male beauty have changed over the years, and they specify a much leaner look in 2015 than they did in 1966. I always thought Nimoy looked good without his shirt, but that was somewhat of a minority view in 1967, when he would have been thought too skinny. So I think the producers and directors deliberately kept his shirt on, rather than taking every chance to get him out of it, the way they did with Shatner. 🙂

    It’s a great pity for posterity that we have only one shirtless-Spock episode. Too bad they put him in a neck-to-ankles jumpsuit for his romp in the meadow with Leila; that would have been a great opportunity for putting him in an outfit that would have shown a little skin. But I think the producers and directors just weren’t used to thinking of Nimoy as a heartthrob — in their minds, that was Shatner’s job.

  3. I really wish we had gotten more than three seasons to see how it would have gone between them. I’ll just have to stick to fanfiction i guess.
    Oh, please do write a fic for the TNG episode Sarek. I watched it a few months ago and was left wondering who Spock ended up marrying. 😉

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