My Weekly Spock: Barnabas Nimoy?

Sorry I’m a little late today — very busy at work!

In one of his last photo shoots, Leonard Nimoy posed in this very dramatic, kind of spooky pose (Those glowing eyes!!)  I think he would have made an excellent vampire- like Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows!  It’s a a really incredible portrait.  Does anyone know if there’s more from this sitting?



6 responses to “My Weekly Spock: Barnabas Nimoy?

  1. He looks very tired, when ever that picture was done


  2. I’m guessing 2013 or 14 — Bless him, he was in his 80’s and ill. ❤


  3. I thought of that a few years ago, too.


  4. He has a very tied look, a look of I will be happy to finely rest….He is more Spock that Leonard Nimoy


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