Two Years Ago Today (June 15, 2013)

It was two years ago today, June 15, 2013, that I saw Leonard Nimoy in New York City, and on his way out of the Symphony Space Theater, he let me get his picture taken with him. (You can read the whole story here). Knowing now what we didn’t know then (about his COPD) it was especially nice of him to oblige me, for I’m sure he was tired.  I’ll never forget seeing him that day, and so thankful I did.  Bless Mr. Nimoy and his memory.  🙂

IMG_5882 copy

Therese with Leonard Nimoy at Symphony Space June 15, 2013.

4 responses to “Two Years Ago Today (June 15, 2013)

  1. Beautiful photo of you both, Therese. He was such a wonderful man and I enjoyed working with him as a director when I had a teeny tiny part in Funny About Love which he directed with Gene Wilder in the lead. We filmed at the beautiful La Quinta hotel and spa in La Quinta CA and his wife was so nice to us all too.


    • That’s wonderful, Celeste! I’m glad you got to work with him again after Trek (I’ll have to rent ‘Funny…’. Thanks for sharing that! And I can see from pictures of them that they were very much in love. ❤


  2. I remember and cherish that day as well. You are right about the COPD and him being tired. It does make it so special that he took the time to greet his fans.


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