Grace Lee Whitney — 1930-2015

Friends, I’m sad to confirm that indeed, Grace Lee Whitney has passed at the age of 85, at her home on May 1st.  I’ll be writing a longer post soon — sorry about the confusion. Rest in Peace, Sweet Grace. <3


2 thoughts on “Grace Lee Whitney — 1930-2015

  1. I am the one who wrote that it could be a hoax. I am checking into it now to verify if it is true. Only one website has reported that she has passed and everyone else who posted it sourced that one website. I will definitely be sure to let it be known if it is true, the moment I can confirm the death.

  2. Thanks Crystal, I confirmed it through the NBC News site — wish it wasn’t true. She was a very sweet lady. I’ll write a longer obit tomorrow. 🙁

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