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      “These people were all wrong. Why? Because none of them knew when the Nimoy funeral was. They all assumed sometime between Noon and 2 PM. Ah, but the Nimoy family wanted to thwart the Westboro Baptist Assholes who had announced their intention of picketing the ceremony. ….

      “The *where* was easy to figure out. Even I guessed it: Hillside Memorial. Nimoy was Jewish and that’s where most Jewish folks in L.A. are buried. …. The Westboro Baptists were ready to gather with their stupid signs just before Noon so they’d be poised and ready to offend at a 12 PM or 2 PM memorial.

      “But it didn’t do them any good. Only invitees knew the funeral was at 9 AM that morning.

      “Shatner obviously knew it. Even a private jet would not have gotten him there in time but in order to protect the secret, he didn’t explain why he couldn’t fly back in time. He didn’t even point it out after the event. He just swallowed the attacks and whatever damage the whole thing may have done to his reputation.

      “We hear all these tales of arrogance and ego about William Shatner and I have no idea how much truth there is in them. Some, I assume. But this time, it seems to me the guy was a mensch. Even if he’d even Tweeted, ‘Those of you criticizing me have no idea when the funeral is,’ he’d have given it away.”

  1. No. He could have got there. 299 other people managed. Quinto flew back from Berlin. If it had been a member of his family, God forbid, he’d have done it.

  2. Okay, I don’t want to open a whole can o’ worms about the funeral. Thanks for posting this article, John. All I can say is I don’t know if Bill was in Florida already when Leonard died, but I’m thinking if I was Bill, I would have graciously excused myself from the charity function — why — because the ones we love only get one funeral. But what’s done is done, and I think Bill has more than repented for missing the event. I have no doubt he loved Leonard. ’nuff said.

  3. SHATNER: The Red Cross had asked me some months ago to appear, and they built the evening around the celebrity appearance. Leonard died and, faced with that choice, I didn’t think anybody would notice one way or the other, quite frankly. But on Friday, when I was in Florida, I thought I’d better say something on Twitter. So I said, “I’m honoring the dead, but I’m celebrating the living by doing a good deed.” I didn’t think that anybody would notice. Well, everyone got into a debate. But to my mind there’s no debate. You and I right now are celebrating Leonard’s memory, but we’re not raising any money for people who are suffering. But in that case I could celebrate his memory and raise money. At that event, which was a 1,000-person dinner, I said, “I’d like to take a moment and remember Leonard and Maurice Hurley.” I didn’t know yet about Harve Bennett. So I had about 1,000 people think about Leonard and Maurice. To me there was no question about what I had to do.

    And you’re assuming that Leonard would have understood and that he’d probably have done the same thing?

    SHATNER: Absolutely. At least I hope he would have.


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