Mystery Woman — Is this really Sandy Nimoy?

Going through my lovely new Nimoy Tribute magazine from my sister, I came across this amazing picture that I’ve never seen before:


The Caption says it’s Sandy Nimoy, Leonard’s first wife, but to me it just doesn’t look like her! The face and hair seem wrong – especially since we’re more accustomed to seeing her look like this:


She also isn’t wearing a wedding ring.  I’ve seen other pictures of Sandy with Leonard on the set (taken later)   But this just seems off!  Winston, you know everything Nimoy, is this really Sandy?


UPDATE:   Winston just confirmed my suspicion that the lady in the first picture is NOT Sandy Nimoy (I really didn’t think so)– So who the heck is she?  It’s not his ‘Girl Friday’ Teresa, it ain’t Phyllis Diller — Who is it? (and I wish I were she!)

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  1. Second, I can’t tell if she’s wearing any rings in either picture.
    First, it’s not hard to take a picture of someone that doesn’t look like them, especially with a head-on flash as in that B&W shot. Their features and bone structure seem similar enough though! (That said, I don’t know much about his family.)

  2. Therese,
    CBS put out a similar tribute mag. It has a tighter shot of Nimoy on a black backdrop. I found it in Target in back with the rest of the mags when I picked up the EW tribute mag that you just got.
    Now it is somber story time: Back in 1987 I was in college in NYC. I took a part time job as a salesman in a mens clothing boutique on the upper east side of Manhattan on 2nd Ave. It was a small store, about the size of a large living room. One day a lady walked in by herself a browsed around. She did not seem to be in a particulary good mood as one might expect when shopping. I, nor my store manager approached her and kind sat back at she looked at the merchandise. My manager then at one point from across the room if there was any thing he could help her with. She declined with a short reply. She finally picked out a sweater and headed to the register. Again she definitely gave off a vibe of not wanting to talk to us and was not in the best of moods. She was just pleasant enough to make the purchase asking if we would accept a personal check. My manager said yes but only with a home address and phone number. So the lady complied. She signed the store copy of the receipt- Sandy Nimoy. My manager promptly said, “Oh, any relation to Leanard Nimoy?”. She replied, “I used to be his wife.” We promptly kept our mouths shut and she left the store. We knew instantly she was still hurting from her recent divorce. I knew this look well as my mom had the same look and demeanor for some time when she split from my dad two years earlier. The one slight upside to this story was that I had asked my manager for a photo copy of the receipt which he gave me. I now had Leonard Nimoy’s home address and phone number. Truthfully , I never did anything with the address nor did I ever call the number. I was well aware that anything I would done would have been met with disdain as an invasion of privacy. Besides, I was a kid in New York and the address was in Beverly Hills. The cool part for me was that I had something that many trekkers would love to have had. And that was good enough for me.

  3. Wow, what a story. I felt very sad for Sandy when I heard about her divorce, (which I didn’t hear about immediately because I had been in England for 6 months) I’m sure it was awful. (And, without going into too much detail, I thought that announcing to her that he wanted the divorce her birthday was exceptionally cruel) . I know bits and pieces about her post-divorce; how she was part of a ‘first wives club’ whose members spoke honestly about how their famous ex-husbands were not as sterling as believed to be. I only hope that before she died two years ago that Leonard and Sandy could at least communicate amicably with each other; yet in her obituary, he wasn’t even mentioned. Very Sad.
    You were right to keep the address and # private, for I’m sure she had enough on her plate. I hope she at least enjoyed her purchase.
    Coincidentally, while I was working in a china shop in London at about same time you were at the boutique, I had a famous customer. Actress Glenda Jackson came into the shop and I asked if she needed any help. She said no, just browsing. But she did later buy some stoneware from the upstairs department. After she left, I giddily asked what she bought, and there on the receipt was her full married name, address, etc. I was half tempted to write it down so I could send her a fan letter, but decided that wouldn’t be right, and leave her to her privacy. But it was a thrill to see an Oscar winner in the shop!

  4. That picture looks familiar and I think I read an article about some fan club writer who got visit the set and interview the main cast. I think that’s her in the photo.

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