Celeste Yarnall Update 3/1/15 — A Little Worried, Prayers and Donations Please.


Celeste with Walter Koenig in “The Apple”

Dear Friends,

Celeste has had a scary week – please keep her in your prayers.  Last Thursday she had to be re-admitted to the hospital and put in isolation with no visitors (save for her husband Nazim) She had a high fever, coughing and retching. Also white count down, but it’s thankfully not pneumonia.  As she updated on her site on Saturday:

My husband Nazim and daughter Cami rushed me into emergency at my hospital Thursday night, quite late. I was burning up and coughing and retching uncontrollably.

We spent the night in the ER doing tests, they started me on a new antibiotic by drip, IV fluids, breathing treatments with a nebulizer, oxygen, and then at 5am I was admitted back into the hospital in isolation on the oncology floor.

My white count is way low so that makes me nutrapoenic, I am not allowed visitors or flowers but Nazim stays with me full time. The nurses have to be masked and gowned to protect me as I and so vulnerable.

I just got on line to let you all know what is going on. It’s not pneumonia so they say but they are waiting results of tests to see what it is. What ever it is, it’s awful, so please keep up you beautiful good thoughts to help me wage the battle and I thank you all so much for your continued support of the fund.. which is so important. to me at this critical time in my life. http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs

She also included this painting by Nazim called “Ascension Rising” and she hope to rise like the phoenix, as we all hope she will.

ascension rising nazimjpg

The good news is that her cancer fund is now up to $18,850  but there’s still a ways to go even to make it to the halfway mark. (of $25,000)  You can donate here: any amount will help!  http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any updates since and I’m a little worried about her, so Please keep her in your prayers and by all means PLEASE donate and share this to  to help pay her bills.

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