Leonard’s Garden — and Yours.

Mister Nimoy tweeted this lovely, graceful post on Sunday:

I suspect he knows how greatly loved by the world he is, and I think this is his gentle way of reminding his admirers that nothing lasts forever. It may even be his ever-so-subtle way of saying Goodbye, but I don’t want to speculate too far into that 🙁

As Pete Seeger  paraphrased Ecclesiastes 3:1 in ‘Turn, Turn, Turn

To everything, there is a season.  And a time to to every purpose under heaven.

Since his COPD diagnosis last year, he has kept to his privacy, but also became more insistent on urging others to quit smoking or never start.  He doesn’t want anyone to go through what he and millions of others have experienced with the disease.  It is another bloom in the garden of his amazing life.  He has achieved so much in his time so far, as an actor, director, photographer, pilot, playwright, poet, animal lover, preserver of Jewish tradition  and civic-minded citizen. Also a loving husband, father, Grandpa, and nurturing soul force of the little show that turned him into an icon.  In many ways, he is Mister Spock in his endless quest to learn and explore, and that is a lesson to us all:  Never stop exploring, learning, creating,  and discovering what you can do with your life.

Our life is short and precious.  I always say that any day that you can get out of bed is a blessed day. Don’t waste another moment on the constant distractions the world throws at us. Unplug from the web. Turn off your I-Phone. Talk to someone face to face. Hug a friend. Make something with your hands.  Plant your garden.  Just LIVE and LOVE, for all we have is RIGHT NOW.

We don’t know anything more at this time, but of course our thoughts and prayers are with Leonard, Susan, Julie, Adam, and all of his family.  We send our grateful thanks for sharing his beautiful garden of life. LLAP.


9 thoughts on “Leonard’s Garden — and Yours.

  1. I had the pleasure of seeing him live in Boston in1997 at the convention there. He is a really great man. Love him as Spock and his other roles. Will be sad to see him go but his katra will stay with us always. Hope his health improves. You are very loved Leonard!

  2. To everything there is a season. I know Leonard will go, late or soon. But I’m having a very hard time with it. Between the COPD and what sounds like a heart attack, I’m afraid his health is failing. But I also know how selfish my wishes are. So more news so far, which is good news.

    • I’m kind of dreading every time the hourly news comes on… but yeah, I just hope he’s comfortable and happy <3 Just keep praying for the best outcome. I truly hope he will at least live to see the 50th anniversary of Trek next year.

    • Tina, thank you for the link to the beautiful Synagogue Blessing that Leonard based the Vulcan Peace sign on. It’s wonderful to know the full ceremony around it. 🙂 We send all our love and prayers to Mr. Nimoy.

  3. Beautiful post! Thank you for posting… Grandpa Leonard and family are in my prayers.
    I Wish them the best.


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