“It Must Be a Trekkie in That Car!” My Trek Car Family Decals

Hey Kids,

I’m sure you’ve seen many ‘family’ decals on the backs of mini-vans; you know the ones with a Mom, Dad, Kids, baby, dog cat, etc…  I had avoided getting anything like these until now when I bought these recently at thinkgeek.com.  I guess I just couldn’t resist them!  Of course. I’m the Rom-Com married to Mr. Spock with our two little Spocks!  However, if this was physically accurate, all three Spocks would tower over me! Oddly, the Rom-Com seems a tad taller than her Spock, but maybe it’s the hair!

These come in several sheets with all different Trek characters on them, including Crew, The Gorn, Isis, and even a Tribble to represent whatever pet you have! I still have a bunch of these I’m not using, so maybe I’ll pass them out to family members.  (My brother would make a fine Klingon!)   I just wonder if modern eyes will know the references?

Here they are on the back of my car: IMG_2494

And here’s the real deal… 🙂

IMG_1886 copy

And here’s all the characters (you get doubles of the little ones), they’re on sale for $12.99 at thinkgeek.com.    You can also get coupons for ThinkGeek here: :  http://verified.codes/ThinkGeek


Happy Motoring!

3 responses to ““It Must Be a Trekkie in That Car!” My Trek Car Family Decals

  1. The Sound of One Man Laughing

    (a) You (and the rest) are adorable. Hope we get to see you soon in Romulan Commander garb!

    (2) Also glad to see that the Uhura decal has assumed her southeast African genetics.


  2. One Man — my legs aren’t up to that uniform yet! But maybe I can rig up her evening wear… 🙂


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