“It Must Be a Trekkie in That Car!” My Trek Car Family Decals

Hey Kids,

I’m sure you’ve seen many ‘family’ decals on the backs of mini-vans; you know the ones with a Mom, Dad, Kids, baby, dog cat, etc…  I had avoided getting anything like these until now when I bought these recently at thinkgeek.com.  I guess I just couldn’t resist them!  Of course. I’m the Rom-Com married to Mr. Spock with our two little Spocks!  However, if this was physically accurate, all three Spocks would tower over me! Oddly, the Rom-Com seems a tad taller than her Spock, but maybe it’s the hair!

These come in several sheets with all different Trek characters on them, including Crew, The Gorn, Isis, and even a Tribble to represent whatever pet you have! I still have a bunch of these I’m not using, so maybe I’ll pass them out to family members.  (My brother would make a fine Klingon!)   I just wonder if modern eyes will know the references?

Here they are on the back of my car: IMG_2494

And here’s the real deal… 🙂

IMG_1886 copy

And here’s all the characters (you get doubles of the little ones), they’re on sale for $12.99 at thinkgeek.com.    You can also get coupons for ThinkGeek here: :  http://verified.codes/ThinkGeek


Happy Motoring!

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