Celeste Update 2/2/15 – A Good Start!

Hey Kids,

Here’s this week’s update for Celeste Yanall’s cancer fund.  As of this writing, the fund has received $9,701,  $6,000 of which achieved the  first goal of having enough money to bank some of her tumor for future therapy.   It’s a good start,  but alas, it is only about 1/20th of the full amount needed ($50,00).  Please consider donating any amount you can to help Celeste on this difficult journey– She is so thankful and appreciative of all of her fans who are helping, and for all your prayers and support!   We’re here for you Celeste!

You can read more about Celeste and donate here.

For Celeste

4 thoughts on “Celeste Update 2/2/15 – A Good Start!

  1. Thank you so much trekkerscrapbook.com and Therese for this amazing tribute! Be sure to click to follow me at Twitter as I wasn’t able to respond to you yesterday since it said you were not following me although I am following you! And I send you loads of love for being such a wonderful friend. xoxo

    • You’re most welcome, Celeste! I am following you now too — I do little Twitter 🙂 I left a message there for you too! I also follow Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols & George Takei. (I hope they see it too!) Hugs! -Therese <3

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