My Weekly Spock – Profile in Courage

I’m happy to report that TOS gallery of  images is back on TrekCore! (thanks for the update Cory!)

While searching for images for my next poster (And the Children Shall Lead) I noticed that this episode featured an abundance of side shots of Spock.  Enjoy the epic profile!

andthechildrenshallleadhd0205 andthechildrenshallleadhd0251 andthechildrenshallleadhd0262 andthechildrenshallleadhd0267 andthechildrenshallleadhd0280 andthechildrenshallleadhd1011 andthechildrenshallleadhd1029 andthechildrenshallleadhd1086 andthechildrenshallleadhd1113 andthechildrenshallleadhd1122 andthechildrenshallleadhd1144

One response to “My Weekly Spock – Profile in Courage

  1. Spock has the most interestingly beautiful face I’ve ever seen!


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