#60 The Enterprise Incident – (and #61 Spock’s Brain again)

Here’s my latest Trek poster: The Enterprise Incident!  I know it wasn’t a perfect episode, but I loved Joanne Linville as the Romulan Commander (or as she would become later known as ‘Charvanek’.   Her performance was icy cool yet sympathetic.  ‘How rare and how beautiful’ indeed!   This seemed to work best as a Romantic Comedy genre — you know, ROM-COM?! 😉

(Be sure to read SPECIAL NOTE at the bottom of this post!)

60 The Enterprise  Incident    I’m also again including here #61, Spock’s Brain, which I posted here a while back, but now it will be in proper numerical order.  A tabloid layout was the perfect vehicle for this perfectly awful episode!  Nimoy was so disillusioned by this episode that he just walked through it.

61- Spock's Brain


By the way kids, unfortunately, I am having difficulty getting the images I usually use from TrekCore to make these posters!  I am so dissapointed! About two weeks ago the message came up in the TOS gallery that the gallery was ‘currently offline. please check back soon’.  Alas, it is STILL not coming up today, and I hope it will be reinstated soon.  It’s been my source for my Trek Posters and Trek Comics alike, and although I have many images saved on my computer, I really want to finish my poster series!!! (only 20 left!!!)   Here’s hoping the TOS gallery will be back soon, (the other galleries seem to be working, naturally!)    🙁

Hey TrekCore, please fix this!!

6 thoughts on “#60 The Enterprise Incident – (and #61 Spock’s Brain again)

    • I loved everything about it! I’ve just seen reviews and comments elsewhere that said it was flawed! But I think it’s fine! (Although I find it hard to believe that Romulans thought Kirk was the real deal in pointed ears!)

      • Shatner looked really awful in pointed ears! Given that his looking awful in pointed ears was mentioned in the episode, I wonder if they made him look bad on purpose, or if they wrote that line in once they saw how he looked. 🙂

  1. What if Saavik was their love child? She was originally suppose to be half Romulan. Why couldn’t Spock have hooked up once in his life? While she was waiting to be released back to the Romulan Empire.

    • Thought of this after watching Enterprise Incident and Wrath of Khan. After The Search for Spock Pon Farr forget about it….

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