That Shirt.

Makes sense, right?

That Shirt

10 responses to “That Shirt.

  1. Beautiful Leonard Nimoy. He’s said he wasn’t pretty enough to be cast in lead roles. I guess no one ever looked at the rest of him.


  2. Not pretty enough? Nonsense! I think the studios missed the boat on that one!


  3. I read somewhere (probably here, come to think of it) that Mr. Nimoy proposed to his first wife by saying, “I’m not handsome, and I’ll never be rich, but will you marry me, anyway?” Wrong on both counts. 🙂 God, cheekbones to die for!

    Um, Therese, hon, you might want to redo the words on the picture, because you’ve misspelled “Captain.”


  4. OOPS! Will do! I was in such haste to post it, I misspelled it!! (And you know I know how to spell CaptAIn! 😉


    • It does seem like a word you might be familiar with, yes. 😀

      It’s the kind of thing that could happen to anybody. I hate it when I read one of my stories that’s been up for a week, and 300 people have read it, and no one mentioned the typo that I just now discovered, a week too late. So I’m trying to give what I would want by pointing this out.


    • Typo fixed! Unfortunately, I cannot add a goatee because the pen on my Bamboo tablet is not working!!! I’ll add on when it’s fixed!


  5. I especially love the way his face looks in the “Mirror, Mirror” shirt — so severe and Vulcan. Which episode did you take that face from?


  6. That’s a still from ‘Patterns of Force’, where he’s walking down the hall with Kirk and Isak. 🙂


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