My Weekly Spock: Nimoy as Freddy in Bonanza “The Ape”

Leonard appeared in this 1960 episode of the classic Western Bonanza as a sleazy bartender who makes fun of Arte, the Cartwrights dim-witted, but incredibly big and strong ranch hand.

Nimoy’s scenes are few, but he adds t another in a line of ‘heavies’ to his resume.  At least he’s a sharp dresser!

You can see the whole episode here.  🙂

Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327951-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327954-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327957-768-576 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327960-768-576 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327961-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327966-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327969-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327970-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327971-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327972-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327974-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327975-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327977-500-375 Bonanza-The-Ape-leonard-nimoy-17327981-500-375

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