Happy 48th Anniversary to Our Favorite little Space Opera!

Inspired by today’s Anniversary, I made this little poster; 48 images for 48 years!  Happy Birthday Star Trek! With Love to  Bill, Leonard, George, Nichelle, Walter and Grace!!  Congratulations on being part one of the best and happiest parts of American culture!  May you truly LIVE LONG & PROSPER! trek 48 Love, Therese

3 thoughts on “Happy 48th Anniversary to Our Favorite little Space Opera!

  1. Is it that long? It seemed like it was only yesterday. The only thing that gives it away is, when we see our favourite actors on the news, showing there real age.

  2. I like your choices about which pictures to include.

    How different would the world be if Star Trek had never existed? In addition to its influence on popular culture, there are also innumerable stories about people who were inspired to become scientists by Mr. Spock or inspired to become physicians by Dr. McCoy or who created an invention partly because of its fictional counterpart in Star Trek. That means that even people who’ve never seen the show have had their lives affected by it, which is pretty good for a freaking TV show. 🙂

    And how different would WE be, those of us who are serious fans? Spock’s example helped me through a difficult time in my childhood, and when I was an adolescent, I used to think about what Kirk, Spock, and McCoy would want me to do in a given situation as a guide when I was unsure. I’m sure we’d all be different — some of us QUITE different — without Star Trek’s influence.

  3. Yes indeed! It a bit of cosmic luck that brought it into our world in the first place! Remember, it took TWO pilots: to my knowledge the only TV show that had a second chance like that! I think the world would have been an even sadder place without Star Trek and The Beatles. Aren’t we blessed?

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