My Weekly Spock: Emmy Time!

67 emmys

I LOVE this shot! Bill and Leonard – probably 1967

In honor of tonight’s annual Emmy broadcast – here’s some great shots of Leonard at Emmy’s past!  Why this man never won an Emmy is beyond me!emmys 6760s emmys w sandywavy windy sandytux 2tux v sign


4 responses to “My Weekly Spock: Emmy Time!

  1. The Sound of One Man Laughing

    Good stuff – like the one outside. Best wishes to you, and get well soon and as painlessly as possible! Love you to from us all.


  2. Thanks, ‘Man’! 🙂


  3. Why did Leonard Nimoy NOT win an Emmy? Well, there’s the stigma that science fiction bore in the 1960’s, of course, but there’s more (and more interesting) going on than that.

    I think what Mr. Nimoy did as Spock is fairly subtle, and some of the Emmy voters may not have been able to pick up on it. There’s considerable evidence that women are more adept than men at interpreting facial expressions in general and subtle facial expressions in particular, which may partly explain why Spock’s popularity was especially high among female fans.


  4. And I could watch his expressions all day! 😉


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